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Friday Finds, Interior Design

The 10 Best Clear, See-Through Faucets

These trend-setting faucets will make you want to over-wash your hands, except for the fishbowl one, where the water drains out of the fishbowl as you wash, making you think about water conservancy as the fish’s water is draining rapidly. I guarantee that all the other faucets will make you want to turn on the water and just watch, they are so cool! In the world of faucets, there are so many to choose from. There are LED-lit faucets, 3D-printed metal and glass faucets, faucets that create a vortex of water, faucets that ration your water use, or at least make you realize and ponder your consumption. Regardless of which one you select, it’s bound to be a conversation starter, and just plain fun to use. Continue Reading

Real Estate

Global Real Estate Conference In Las Vegas

I was fortunate to mix and mingle with some of the most talented and successful real estate brokers from around the globe at the 2016 Global Networking Event in Las Vegas. It was a great opportunity to dive even deeper into the competitive advantages and marketing opportunities that exist in real estate. It’s awesome to work for an international company that treasures the people we help, and the properties we represent. Whether here in the state of Utah, or halfway across the globe, we can help! Continue Reading