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It Pays To Use A Realtor

As you may have heard, it’s a seller’s market in Utah right now of epic proportions! Property owners may have had a fleeting thought to not use a Realtor because they assume their house will sell fast, but I say in this market, using a Realtor will pay for itself, and you may end up making more than you ever dreamed of on top of it. I recently sold a home, and I want to tell you all about it, and how we got the sellers $21,000 extra.

The house hit the market on a Friday. I marketed the home on a bunch of strategic websites, and had an open house over the weekend with probably 40 people through. By Monday, we had 17 offers. Most offers were over the list price, which is great, but I didn’t think that the comparable sold properties (which is what appraisers look at) would support a value that high, so I prepared my clients for that. The offer the sellers ended up choosing was $21,000 over the list price. The buyer’s agent and I did not think that the home would appraise for the offer price.

I noticed right away when the appraiser accessed my keybox (it’s electronic, so it emails me whenever someone accesses it, and sends me their contact information). I gathered all the comparable sold properties in the area that I felt supported a higher price, and highlighted all the key aspects of the home, which included the fact that it had a mother-in-law apartment downstairs with a full kitchen, extra garage space, and was in great condition with many upgrades. To the surprise of everyone, the appraisal came in a few days later at the offer price, even though it was $21,000 above the list price.

Even with paying commissions, the sellers made a huge amount more than they would have if they would have done it all themselves; all without lifting a finger. I handled all the paperwork for the sellers, dealt with the title company and title issues, agents wanting to show the house , people asking questions about the house, held an open house, highlighted the positives/negatives of each offer, and gave the sellers the guidance they needed to choose the best offer, which, even with a loan, ended up closing in about 3 weeks. If you’re in Utah, it truly is the perfect time to sell, and using a Realtor will pay off in spades!

In addition to fighting hard for my clients and all the above mentioned things, I provide one hour of free interior design and staging advice to my selling clients. I am very particular when it comes to the photos, and professional photos are complimentary with every home that I list for sale. I spend a lot of time deciding on the photos to use, and I organize them in a strategic order that guides the viewer through a virtual tour of the home. I also provide a detailed written tour, highlighting all the stand-out aspects of the home.

If you would like a free valuation of your property, give me a call or shoot me an email. I would love to help you make your real estate/financial goals a reality!

Contact Bri for additional details | 385.227.9090 | [email protected]

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