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Portia Snow | Whimsical Art

The images that Portia Snow produces are what dreams are made of. There is a playful, mischievous, and dreamlike quality to her work. The art is magnetic, drawing the viewer into the image. There is also a nostalgia that comes along with viewing the black and white portraits. Portia’s studio space is in The Guthrie Building in downtown Salt Lake City, right across from the renown Bar-X. Her studio is reminiscent of her work, and is filled with old black and white photographs, beautiful orchids, vividly colored feathers, delicate lighting, and soft, airy drapes. Continue Reading

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Modern | Art Party

Art shows best on a blank white canvas, so the Berkeley house (just recently featured in The New York Times) was the perfect backdrop for this art party. Highlighted artists included Deborah Hake Brinckerhoff and Ellen McConnell. Deborah Hake Brinckerhoff’s pieces are very large scale and eye-catching. Some are fluid in their movement, while others are quite dreamlike and let the imagination run wild. Ellen McConnell’s pieces showcase bright colors, and can be both geometric and abstract. A few of her works have the added surprise of being crafted on alluring materials like wood. All in all, a modern house, paired with art masterpieces and good company, equates to the perfect evening. Continue Reading

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The Howa Gallery

The Howa Gallery is home to the paintings, photographs, sculptures, fashion, and jewelry of over 30 local artists. Pieces vary from modern abstract art, to takes on classic art. The gallery features art from Jeffrey Hale, Toni Youngblood, Lyne Meacham, Meredith Franck, Chauncey Seacrist, Nancy Maxfield, Cody Chamberlain, David Maestas, and Darryl Erdmann, just to name a few. The gallery shows a great assortment of the artistic talent that Utah has to offer. Head up and check it out! Continue Reading

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The Fine Fashions of Meredith Franck

Meredith Franck is a true artisan. She is a fashion designer who creates everything from dreamy jackets, to scarves, jewelry, and purses. All her pieces are made with love, one-of-a-kind, eco-friendly, and many are hand-dyed. She uses antique and vintage fabrics, trims, buttons, and beads from all over the world. I have heard that it is, “Impossible to own only one of Meredith Franck’s creations”. Her clients fall in love with the fabrics and designs, and continue to add pieces to their collections over the years. No two pieces Meredith makes are alike, although she welcomes special requests and custom orders. Continue Reading


Art In The City | Impact Hub

The Impact Hub’s permanent location on State Street is officially open for it’s members. This Thursday, the interior will be christened with fine art for this specially curated art event. Be one of the first to see the new space, and mingle with some of Salt Lake’s most sought-after artists including D. Hake Brinckerhoff, Jeffrey Hale, Justin Wheatley, Portia Snow, and James Alan Baker. Continue Reading