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Interior Design

Remodel Project | Leila Lane

This home was fun to re-imagine and re-design. Because of the cathedral ceilings, built-in wall shelves, and niches, we decided to keep the current wall and trim colors, so we needed to find flooring that meshed with all the existing elements. We looked at hardwood, bamboo, vinyl, and cork flooring, and decided on Marazzi’s Harmony Note porcelain tile. I especially love wood-look porcelain tile, because you can have the look of wood, with the toughness and resiliency of tile, which was important in this case, because of the large Collie and cat that tear around the house. Continue Reading

Friday Finds, Interior Design

The 10 Best Clear, See-Through Faucets

These trend-setting faucets will make you want to over-wash your hands, except for the fishbowl one, where the water drains out of the fishbowl as you wash, making you think about water conservancy as the fish’s water is draining rapidly. I guarantee that all the other faucets will make you want to turn on the water and just watch, they are so cool! In the world of faucets, there are so many to choose from. There are LED-lit faucets, 3D-printed metal and glass faucets, faucets that create a vortex of water, faucets that ration your water use, or at least make you realize and ponder your consumption. Regardless of which one you select, it’s bound to be a conversation starter, and just plain fun to use. Continue Reading

Interior Design

2016 Design Trends | Salt Lake Parade of Homes

The 2016 Salt Lake Parade of Homes started today, and it is by far my favorite year ever! For the past 5 years I have judged the Salt Lake Parade of Homes, so I was lucky to get a sneak-peek earlier this week. Let’s get to it: glass hardware has made a comeback in a modern way in door knobs and drawer pulls. I also viewed a lot of beautiful glass tile backsplashes, in everything from clear, to colored, and frosted designs. Gray is still in use in a big way. I noticed gray cabinets, counter-tops, tiles, furniture, art, accessories, and flooring. White is also trending, from stark white walls, to wainscoting, doors, cabinetry, and counter-tops.

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Interior Design

Florida Room Design Challenge

The global real estate firm Douglas Elliman reached out to me with a request. They have a fabulous office in South Florida, and wanted to show how the rest of the world brings a bit of Florida into their homes. When they asked for my design expertise, I was excited to assist them in such a fun project. Continue Reading

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10 House Flip Tips

Flipping a house is an exhilarating way to get your hands dirty, see a vision come to life, and make a quick buck. Before implementing design choices, it is a wise idea to hire an Architect to structurally advise on taking out walls and removing visual obstructions. I would also suggest retaining a skilled Interior Designer to make sure your design vision is spot on (or just hand over the reins if you can afford to). The look and feel of the house is the most important part to maximizing profit and eliminating a lengthy period of time on market. Make sure you find a good Realtor who has a strategic marketing plan for the property, and will invest in professional photography too. Very important! Continue Reading

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Berkeley Street Beauty

Located in the Country Club neighborhood in Salt Lake City, this modern home was a joy to design. With all white walls, and super modern details like all gray doors, black accents, and chrome fixtures everywhere, it was essentially a blank canvas, ready to be painted with color and texture. The dining room features a striking yellow-toned art piece by D. Hake Brinckerhoff, which pairs nicely with the contemporary light wood table, Scandinavian chairs, and gray and yellow textured wool rug. Continue Reading